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EP #25 : How Beauty Is the Key to Moving Humanity Forward

By April 19, 2016May 26th, 2020Podcast

This episode’s timing is perfect with Earth Day happening this week (uhh… can we make it all this century?) You are on the hook for making this world better. Not gonna candy coat it any longer. But what is better? When we look to the fundamental expression of the Earth, and all of the nature of the universe at large – it is beauty. We have a responsibility to the Earth and our fellow human beings to cleaning up the world by cleaning up ourselves from within. Combine that with your power of: what you focus upon expands, and you begin to reclaim your focus back from a multitude of agendas inherited, who’s core intentions may be unknown to you. Flex your creator muscles to make this world better. Not only for yourself, but in the name of ending suffering for all beings here. Now, let us dive into the meditation of beauty!

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