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EP #21 : Using Pain as an Ally for Personal Evolution

By March 20, 2016May 26th, 2020Podcast

When something awkward or painful comes up in your life – that’s what’s next on the menu of your personal growth and spiritual development. Don’t chase it away or bury it. Put on your dancing shoes and evolve the night away! In this mindfulness meditation and empowerment transmission we examine using pain and death as the beneficial tools they are. We also interview my friends Belinda Clements and John Johnson of the Consciousness Salon along with Noelle Noli, on their methods for handling pain as an ally. This episode is next level!

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  • Leora says:

    Great podcast! Loved the group conversation! Allowing self the time to work with the challenging thoughts as they arise is one of the areas I’m working on. It’s easy to fall into a pattern of trying to sweep it under the rug to keep focus elsewhere. Not believing the thought is a big step in the right direction, now onto finding the root so it can be freed into wholeness. Thanks for the reminder! You rock!?✨

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