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EP #17 : You Are in a Partnership of Experience with Consciousness

By February 27, 2016May 26th, 2020Podcast

What are those assemblage’s of ideas that you’re entertaining and bringing to life with your magnificent creator like power? Can you see the two piles that are before you everyday? What is yours, things you would love to entertain and experience, and what is not yours, things that don’t float your boat at all. How will you choose among them? To do that, we are here to remove limitations. That being the change you seek is not just a bumper sticker, but a power that is at your disposal. Let’s gain clarity, through meditation, on how the world is a mirror and what manifestation truly is. Is the world a 100% mirror of you? Maybe it’s just a bunch of options. Options that are an indicator of your vast fortune. Let’s hope that you’re open to receiving it all! You are in a partnership of experience with consciousness. But I ask you, how’s the quality of that relationship?

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