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EP #15 : How to Not Pin Your Happiness on Someone Else

By February 19, 2016May 26th, 2020Podcast

Do we see people for who they really are? Or do we live in a fantasy about them to feel how we want to feel? Treating ourselves better means being mindful and witnessing the people in our life for who they really are rather than who we think they are. Reality is how others show up. Not how we want them, or expect them, to do and be. Do you like that? Expectations are obscuring reality, so who are the people in your life really? We suffer when we don’t accept them as they are and go to war with how we want them to be. The people in our lives are a choice. No really, they are. Whether people stay or go, it’s always a win-win situation in the favor of your personal evolution. Treat yourself well by letting go of your definitions of those close to you and see them for what they really are -rather than your opinions and desires -that may have nothing to do with who they are at all! Become open again, and let's meditate on letting go of the game of forcing others to be what we think they should be.

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