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EP #14 : How Bravery and Beauty Define a Spiritual Warrior

By February 18, 2016May 26th, 2020Podcast

Ever hear the term: Spiritual Warrior? What is that? In todays’ meditation we look at what it is to be someone who is taking the time to sober up as a participant in existence itself. Being one who can see clearly why and how they are spending their energy. It’s about waking up and going to war. Not war against other people, but rather, realizing the battlegrounds that exists within yourself. Reclaim our peace and the treasure that comes with peace. Your body is a reflector to what you’re thinking. We serve in the name of beauty and co-creating an enlightened society so that all people everywhere may be free from suffering. You weren’t designed to be an eternal pain pattern! Wellness is your natural state as spirit having a human experience.

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