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EP #13 : Create More Peace Through Responsible Choices

By February 15, 2016May 26th, 2020Podcast

Let's meditate on this: Choice is a force. But, where are we coming from when we choose action in the world? And, are we suffering by those choices? We can become our own cruel masters at times. So, seek to be loving to yourself, for what you choose affects the world. As stewards of life, we must be responsible with our actions. To do no harm to others and to do no harm to self. When we observe our life, we can begin to see the patterns of our choices and whether or not they benefit our well being. From there, we can seek out and root the habit of our choices that limit life’s options. Choose more in your favor. Choice is a force to wield wisely in the name of peace and care for self and others. Be open to being surprised to what a great relationship you can have with yourself as you wield, responsibly, choice as a force.

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