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EP #12 : Arrive at Every Situation in Your Life Full and Not Empty

By February 12, 2016May 26th, 2020Podcast

Why would we even meditate? Because we need to keep our dignity in a world that’s begging us to lose our $#*! Through meditation, we want to arrive back at our natural state – which is peace and fullness. Cleaning up your mind, cleans up the world. Why are some thoughts that we hold dear more important or more magnetic than others? Rigid thinking rules our desires. Become flexible on how the life you desire is gong to arrive by removing limits how the universe can deliver it. Arriving at every situation in your lives full and not empty, like a beggar. Give yourself options in thought. Our desires will be met. Beware of the idea of who you think you are and discover the thinker. At times, you are not only not the thought, you might not even be the one who thinks a particular thought. End all your demands! And just like UPS, you gotta be home to receive the surprise package of your loving self!

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