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EP #11 : Stop Waiting on Another’s Approval to Live Powerfully Now

By February 10, 2016May 26th, 2020Podcast

No one can cause your happiness as well as your un-happiness! But when we think that someone can fulfill our self-created needs, we enter into the “waiting game.” The waiting game is another form of suffering. It’s for suckers and the warrior waits for no one. We are not alone here on Earth, but we are responsible for not setting up debilitating dependance. Liberation, and sovereignty, is indifferent to what others do. Let us not be caught up in the external actions of another to make us happy – or un-happy (cause you can be addicted to both!). Are you waiting for something outside of you to fulfill you? Better cut that out! What if instead, you operate in life as someone who is full to begin with? Sounds complete to me! No one has the power to make you what you already are – which might be everything you already need and desire.

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