EP #0 : What’s this Obsidian Blade podcast all about?

By January 5, 2016 February 10th, 2017 Podcast

Welcome to the Obsidian Blade podcast Episode Zero. This is just a brief overview of what you can expect from listening to this podcast.

But first off, my name is Wes. I’m a Clarity Junkie, Spiritual Warrior, and Meditation Guide.

I’m here to take a stand for your authority as a creator living in one of the most pivotal times of known human history. But first, aligning with the life you want requires operating from an empowered and clean slate. Clarity baby of what you do and why you do it!

Each episode of my particular style of mind yoga, we settle into themes of:

  • Spiritual Awakening,
  • Personal Empowerment,
  • Alignment with your Inner Truth,
  • Liberation from Suffering,
  • And the Revolution of Personal Freedom and the Diversity of its Infinite Expression.

Listen to this podcast, which is available on iTunes, Sticher radio, and on the website itself at: theobsidianblade.com – as your daily seed idea for meditation, for inspiration and insight on your commute through life, or while you sit in stillness.

What is the obsidian blade, you ask? Well, The obsidian blade is something I’ve created as an active mind tool and metaphor for your sharpened awareness that can cut through to the truth. And what truth is that? The way of your individual, authentic and liberated self. A spirit having a human experience. And a human experience that sees clearly that it is the sky and not the weather.

Your attention is your personal power and I want to help you build and wield that potential – like a warrior, like a boss. Mastery of your energy means clear choice in who, what and into where you place your awareness and the life experiences you will have from that, or any, engagement of thought. As well as the revolutionary, delightful and peaceful experiences of no thought at all.

The Obsidian Blade podcast is not necessarily a guided meditation, but it could be. But rather, it’s a dharma talk about the path of liberation to feed your meditations. Call it a clarity 101 course coupled with some in depth psychic surgery for our times.

The numerous positive outcomes of meditation are not only a healthy, stress free and loving life, but also your part in the creation of an enlightened society and peace for all beings everywhere. Its quite connected and very effective.

By using the Obsidian Blade mindset, we’ll examine our assumed identities and inherited cultural conditions and break them apart. So, together, let’s gain insight on the limited beliefs that no longer serve you, or humanity, and cut that sh*t out!


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