Ever wish you knew then -what you know now to heal yourself? Well… now you can!

Let's journey through a very effective 90-minute 5D energy repair, liberation and empowerment session together.

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What Is This Level of Healing Work Good For?

That one past relationship that has been stealing all your joy.

A memory of a life situation that you continue to replay and relive in your now as pain.

Traumatic events in your childhood and the personality patterns that come from there.

Anything that blocks when you try to make changes in your life or manifest your true desires.

Heal your past. Align with your future. Blossom in the now.

How Does It Work?

Our 90 minute session includes…

  • A deep dive into what's currently going on for you.
  • Mindset training and practical 5D healing mechanics.
  • Breath & Body alignment.
  • Stepping into your heart based sacred circuit of alignment.
  • And a sacred dive into a different kind of underworld not many people know about. Where we resolve old patterns and traumas.

When you heal a trapped part of yourself – a notable burst of energy that you’ve freed comes back to you. It’s significant.

Why Do I Perform This Healing?

It's been my honor and privilege to be trained and to guide others through an energy retrieval session.

This level of healing empowerment not only reclaims your fragmented energy from the past. It sets you, the you back then and the you right now, upon an entirely new timeline towards a better destiny.

This is also known as 5D timeline shifting. And that’s what I to offer you.

Because an individual and collective humanity that is healed and aligned is one that shall be ready for the great shift.

And this reality is what I live to serve.

  • Liberate moments of the past that have fragmented your energy and compromised your truth.
  • Free yourself from trauma energy that continues to relive itself daily in you.
  • Adjust you inner power towards a life you are so excited to create.


What? Yeah! It’s true.

It would be great if you were my endlessly repeating client. Then I could retire to Mexico full time and eat elote, tlacoyos and chia seed augua fresca everyday.

But two things… First: That’s not what I, as the Obsidian Blade, stand for.

If you listen to my podcast or read my posts on Instagram and Facebook -then you know I’m here to usher in what I call a “post-healed planet.”

Healing is not meant to be forever. It’s something we humans did in the time of the shift. Which will soon to be seen as a moment before the now of post time.

Hang out with me more and that last sentence will make more sense as we go along!

And Second: I do want you in my life. But I’d rather we be going to dinner, or on hikes, or experiencing cool empowering workshops and retreats together.

So give me the honor of getting you back into your power through the training I give you in our session together. And of course -we can do as many sessions as you like.

About Wesley Parrish

The Obsidian Blade

Guided by decades of study of pre-conquest Toltec wisdom, modern universal Shamanism and a direct transmission of original creator technology retrieved from the land herself in Malinalco, Mexico during a recent year long immersion there, Wes Parrish, the Obsidian Blade, has been tasked by the elementals with reintroducing you to your greater powers as a true partner of earth. As we reclaim the more expansive definition of what it means to be a Human Being.

Starting at age 18, his personal development and spiritual journey has taken him to many liberating moments within his being. Tools, perspectives and timeless wisdom that he is both proud and honored to share with you today.

He has received direct trainings from Mayan Elder Hunbatz-Men and Toltec Lineage Holder Sergio Mangña. And recently has been initiated into the Circle of the Toltec Nation by Tlahuizcalpantecutli, aka “Gorilla,” Guardian of Teotihuacan and the head of the Centro Cultural Tolteca de Teotihuacan, Mexico.

Wesley’s deep skill of intuitive listening, clairvoyant insight and cheerful guidance is always dedicated to what you need next and feels right for your life.

This is a great age of transformation. From the balancing of the feminine and masculine energies to the shift from the fifth sun to the sixth sun. He, like you, is here to take part in the great shift and awaken to life on 5D New Earth.


The very first session I had with Wes was ground breaking. It was a pivotal piece in a big shift I needed to move forward in my healing work. He does not hold back & is very real, which is what I needed. He really got me to focus & hone in on those hard to ask questions & complete the circle. Within that though he is a safe place to look at one's self.

Asyah London

Wes helped me to profoundly navigate, shift and reframe a very painful unhealed memory from the past. He also helped me anchor in some incredibly powerful tools to assist in rewriting a bright and magical future. I am amazed and in awe of his knowledge, balanced masculine energy, patience and wisdom.


Wes has great energy and from the first couple minutes of our first session (even as we were coordinating booking details for the session) I could tell he is filled with genuine and God-given purpose to help people on their life path. In session he is an excellent listener and he explains his techniques in a straight-forward way. He also has a very supportive and strong energy that helps me feel safe and confident as we work.

Aja Being

Every bit of work you do on self is also a contribution to the collective shift. We’re counting on you to heal you. And you have my support to make that happen as you need. ~Wes 🖤⚔️

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