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You Are The Shift You Have Been Looking For!


The Obsidian Blade is real world transformation and personal empowerment training for an awakened global culture. Find clarity, reveal your truth and live in your aligned purpose of being. All in rhythmic harmony with Nature, Mother Earth and Life throughout the Great Tree of the Cosmos.

The Obsidian Blade Codes

The Obsidian Blade Heals

Using discernment we surgically find our inner truth and discard the rest. While thanking our challenges for the growth and lessons it has provided us.

We Are Complete Energy Beings

Cleansing and reclaiming how we have spent our power, individually and collectively, we choose to be conscious creators.

Your Power is Always Potent

Where it is applied matters. For you give life to whatever you focus upon. Be that wrong or right. Be like the creator.

You Are Human Infinite

Limited definitions of what we are and can do are laid to rest. All historical shame is healed and released. You serve existence by expanding it.

Break Free of Every Paradigm

We ignore reality as it has been described to us. To create new narratives and thus arrive at new landscapes in which to explore and expand.

You Stand In Equality With All

With self, others in family, relationships, community and world. Along with other star cultures and source itself.

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We love and celebrate you! The one who lives to "shift" while accelerating our collective evolution! All in your courage, attitude and a level of vulnerability that liberates. Warriors -Be The Blade! Cut out what no longer serves you or humanity and arrive back to magic! Thrive as creators fueled by passion. We see you!