When you need to make a decision about what you really want in life, sometimes it’s hard to see past your current model of the world. Being too caught up in your own story can be very frustrating. Even painful. Especially when you have an urgent or important decision to make.

You can steer yourself in the direction of the outcome you want with confidence. Not to mention transform your life! But to do it, you must clear out old programs and reconnect to your true desires, authentic voice and inner being.

In a strategic deep dive with me, I actively listen to your core feelings and desires. I can then see though any anxiety, confusion or self limiting beliefs you hold.

My intuitive coaching skills help you to make sense of how you would like to and can transform. Places where you are stuck pop up in me as “ah-ha” messages. And together, we break down the ways you got there and how you get to choose differently from now on.

Getting to your solution can occur very quickly but you must be brave. I will coach you on this as well as suggest practical daily methods to integrate and apply.

Together, let’s pull the volume down on your conditioned and reactive mind while raising the volume up of your true self.


Each session is a combination of my skills in intuitive listening, problem solving, along with a deep understanding of the changes that every aspect society is facing right now.

We spend the first half of the session in a safe container for you to unload. Supporting you with new insights and actionable practices to help move in you hearts direction is what we do in the second half.

My style is direct, humorous and uniquely clarifying. You might need to put on your “big person” pants by the end of the session. But you will be excited to do so!


You will have a new feeling and perspective about what you brought into the session, along with some helpful tools and practices. Inspired action that moves you forward!

These coaching sessions are also a great way to get to know my methods of transforming liberation and see if you would like to have an ongoing practice with me.

60 Minute Sessions

$ 120

Per SessionComes with a follow up email and a recording of our time together cracking your code.

90 Minute Sessions

$ 165

Per SessionComes with a follow up email and a recording of our time together cracking your code.

Are you ready to release what no longer serves you and embrace who you truly are?

Spiritual Intuitive Coaching with Wes Parrish | Obsidian Blade Podcast