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Thanks for coming to the site! What is the Obsidian Blade Dharmacast all about? Listen to this quick three minute overview to better understand the mindfulness meditation podcast and coaching services we offer here. I have a good feeling that you’re gonna love it!
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EP #44 : How to Create an Outer Paradise from an Inner One

| Podcast | No Comments

Life needs a map. And as the times in which we live both collapse and bloom, we must get back in touch with how we generate worlds that we actually…

EP #43 : Reclaiming Your Access to Infinite Realms of Beauty and Existence

| Podcast | 3 Comments

You can never give away your power. You only powerfully apply your focus to vibrations that either propel you forward or leave you behind. Let us see how!

EP #42 : Staying True to Your Vibration in the Eye of the World Hijack Storm

| Podcast | 3 Comments

How receiving your impulses from source, not a society of managed perceptions and chaos, will lead you straight to the new world of the Aquarian age.

EP #41 : Focusing Powerful Attention upon Truth in the Face of Deception

| Podcast | 2 Comments

Let’s chat about staying centered in the chaos as the veils are being lifted. The new landscape of an enlightened society is just within reach. Hang on!

EP #40 : Realizing Your Authentic and Clear Expression in the World

| Podcast | 2 Comments

We humans have a trained knack for engaging in pain and then complaining about what we chose. Reverse engineer your suffering to find liberation now.

EP #39 : Becoming Brave and Clear in Your Spiritual Focus for 2017

| Podcast | One Comment

Let’s look ahead to what the future of our planetary experience will be together by creating a narrative of spiritual power in the face of deception.