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EP #59 : Reawakening to the Miracle to Come Back Online to Source

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In this IG LIVE session we riff off some recent OB episodes where the suggestion is made to stop being surprised that we are connected to source. Along with having…

EP #58 : Resisting the Temptation to Turn Pain into a Personality

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Emotions, pain and anger are a normal part of life. But how we heal, and find the guidance, from these experiences is what counts when we navigate this big arena…

EP #57 : Stop Being Surprised That You're Source Energy

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Yes you are special. And yes you are divinity. So why the surprise? Why the amnesia played on repeat? Own who you really are and own it hard. Let's see…

Ep #56 : Reclaiming Yourself as a Gift to Be Enjoyed. A Chat with Ix-chel Sandivel on Modern Intimacy and Sexual Liberation.

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Sensuality, feminine sexual liberation, and the art of communicating your authentic “No’s.” Are just a few of the interpersonal healings that we are all contending with. Seen the headlines lately?…

EP #55 : Healing and Awakening Your Sensual Relationship to the Planet

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Forget about going to mars. We’re not even on planet earth yet! We can make the switch from living as outsiders to being inside her as navigators of incredible sensual…

EP #54 : How to Get Spaceship Gaia a Date with the Conscious Masculine

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Just what is the dominant dream of Mother Earth right now? And how do we collectively process it for her? Together as a species, as an intelligent shared organic computing…